INNOVATIVE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS was established on august 15th, 1999 to develope innovative chemical products. we manufacture acid-catalysts, defoamers, peroxides, additives, surfactants and functional polymers.


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CEO's Greetings

We pursue Future, Technology & Customization.

It is the path untaken, but someone has to take it!

The success of fine chemical industry and other advanced chemical industries depends on the selection, use and self-supply of optimum catalysts. We have secured researchers with key competence in the field and their accumulated experience and knowledge have been focused on localizing various catalysts and related products for the price-efficiency and technology excellence of the related industries.

The catalyst industry was completely barren during the first several decades of painting and coating industries of Korea, and almost all products relied on imports.
We have developed various fine chemical products, including chemical reaction catalysts, various antifoaming agents, paint additives, paint-related resins and flow control agents, reaction starters such as peroxide, tire cord adhesive resin, and block isocyanate. By doing so, we have not only localized these products, but we have also expanded the chemical industry.

FTC Korea Co., Ltd. has grown with customers' consideration and love and strived to lay the foundation for globalization through the survival and development of many customers at the frontline of the industry. At the center of the chemical industry that strengthens the petrochemical, synthetic resin, painting and coating, fiber and steel/metal, and material industries for electrics/electronics, we will work ceaselessly on technology innovation and research activities for product development and improvement as your reliable partner for win-win in the business world.

We want to be remembered as a long-lasting seller rather than the best seller and all of our members promise that we will do our best to meet your needs and requirements. We would greatly appreciate your unwavering interests and support.

Thank you.


CEO Yeong Heun Ma